About Us


Jennifer Shinehouse – Owner/President

Email: office@belleplaineblockandtile.com
Office: 952-873-2363
Cell Phone: 952-297-5678

Jennifer is the second generation owner of Belle Plaine Block & Tile, Inc. With Jennifer’s father (William “Bill” Shinehouse) as the original owner, Jennifer has spent many years in some role with the company. Jennifer’s career at Block & Tile began at a very young age with picking up trash around the property and has evolved to sole proprietor when she acquired the business from her father as he entered retirement in 2011.

Jennifer continues to contribute to the company in many capacities and is ultimately the final decision maker when it comes to vital business matters. Belle Plaine Block & Tile, Inc. has been a member of the NPCA since 1976. Jennifer has taken advantage of the many classes and conventions offered through the NPCA, including, but not limited to, leadership, business, and quality control courses. She also utilizes the NPCA as a resource to buy much of the company’s equipment. Jennifer has also taken valuable classes through the ACI.

Jennifer has also been actively involved with MOWA and MNLICA on behalf of Belle Plaine Block & Tile, Inc. Jennifer’s community involvement includes participating in special projects, being a Chamber member and past president, and a member of the Rotary from 1993-2004. Jennifer’s knowledge and dedication attribute to Block & Tile’s continued success.

Jennifer’s greatest passions away from work involve time spent with her children at their lake cabin, vacationing near a beach or attending sporting events the children are involved in.